Jules Marie, Publicist, Social Media Strategist

Journalist, Word Chef, Word Nerd

Jules Marie Publicist Social Media Strategist

As a Publicist and a Social Media Strategist, I work hard to get publicity for you and help you create and share your social media message. I’ve been telling stories for nearly 25 years and have more than 200 articles published in a wide variety of publications. I’ve been writing stories ever since I could hold a pencil and once I finished writing my story, I acted it out and wow, did I ever grow up to be a storyteller!

I love the art of writing. I always have . . . because good words are always heard, always persuasive, and most importantly, leave lasting memories. They also add value and meaning to your company, your products, and company communications like your website, blog or marketing materials, and to your public relations.

I love working with publicity and social media strategy and I love hearing and telling compelling, memorable, inspiring stories. Poke around my site; meet my clients; discover what they’re doing and what they believe in or message them and ask them why they hired me. Visit my Services page and decide if you need a publicist or a social media strategist and if you do, give me a call. Enjoy a 30-minute free consultation and tell me your story and let’s go from there.

Reach me via my contact form or please just call me, Jules Marie, at 303-478-7863  or email me at jules@33words.us. Thank you! Cheers!

Don’t sell yourself, or your company, short–hire a writing professional today.