8 Ways to Deal with Panic, Anxiety and Anger Now

You just had a panic or anxiety attack, or you lost it in an epic temper tantrum. Anxiety, panic and anger all cause the body to release a flood of chemicals into the system which the brain and body simply cannot handle. Cultivating an attitude of mindfulness throughout the day helps reduce these strong emotions. Breathe, think, compliment yourself, think of others, practice random acts of kindness, do something to get yourself out of your own mindset.

What People Food Can Dogs Eat?

It’s important to know what people food dogs can safely eat unless you prefer filling a bowl with kibble and calling it done. Provide dogs with high-value treats and foods and you’ll discover that training them is often much easier than simply giving word commands and expecting them to be obedient.

The Good, Bad and Ugly of Customer Reviews

Darn those customer reviews! You’ve worked hard to build a well-respected company, your customers truly appreciate your business style and the integrity of your products and services and then one person comes along and writes a terrible review about you. Doesn’t it seem that you can get 100 nice compliments but one mean-spirited person who says something unkind can ruin 

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