How To Write A Media Advisory

A media advisory is a one-page document alerting reporters, journalists, newscasters and all forms of media to an upcoming news event. It’s sent out several days before an event and again early the morning of the event. It’s followed by  a phone call to the news desk to ensure it was received and to boldly ask if the event will be covered in the news.

What’s in a Media Advisory?

A media advisory differs from a press release in that it’s a one-page invitation to the media to attend a special, unique or one-of-a-kind event. The goal is to secure media coverage so that your news will be broadcast to more people via radio, television, print or online media. Media advisories are especially effective publicity tools for non-profit organizations as the media is always looking for “good news” to balance their reporting.

Media advisories stick to the facts: Who, what, when, where, why. The information is presented logistically and contains none of the ‘fluff’ a press release does. Typically, a media advisory is sent a week or a few days prior to an event, and then again the day before or early morning the day of the event. This gives the media time to decide if your news item is newsworthy and offers something of value to their viewers. If it’s intriguing, they’ll assign a reporter and maybe a photographer to cover your story or event. And even if they say yes they’ll cover your event, be aware that breaking news or events could bump your coverage.

Here’s an example of a very good media advisory.

Catherine Johnson 970-544-2389
Melissa Vizcarra
Children’s Hospital Colorado
Spellbinders® Storytellers Kick-Off 25 Days of Storytelling
at Seacrest Studios, Children’s Hospital Colorado

Spellbinders, an award-winning Colorado-based nonprofit, is kicking off a month-long celebration of its 25th Anniversary with a storytelling performance at Seacrest Studios in Children’s Hospital Colorado. For 25 years, Spellbinders storytellers have served classrooms throughout the state by spinning gripping tales to pass down wisdom, build literacy and engage the imagination. Spellbinders will be returning to Children’s Hospital seven times in October to enchant patients with tales of daring and wonder.

What: Storytelling performance and press conference to launch “Spellbinders 25 Days and 25 Hours of Storytelling”

Who: Kim Wallin, Spellbinders Storyteller
Catherine Johnson, Spellbinders Executive Director

Where: Children’s Hospital Colorado
13123 East 16th Ave., Aurora, CO 80045
****Please park in the Emergency Department parking lot off Colfax and Aurora Court Parkway. The spaces are marked “Media Parking”. Walk to the front main entrance. A Children’s Hospital PR representative will meet you at the front information desk.

When: Thursday, October 1st at 11 a.m. for 30 minutes.

Why: Launch campaign for 25 Days of Storytelling to highlight the power of oral storytelling and the importance of volunteerism.

For more information, contact Children’s Hospital Colorado Media Pager at 303-890-8314 or Spellbinders.

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