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A Press Release is an Ideal Way to Get Publicity

Editors rely on your press release for fresh, relevant news. If you don’t send them a press release they won’t know that you’ve just returned from a trip to the Moon, invented a floating tent or created a unique work of art!

Your goal is to write a press release that’s so intriguing it entices editors to want to know more. Write about your brewery or coffee shop and they might contact you for an interview. When they publish your story more people will hear about you. Send your PR to potential customers alerting them to a new product or service. Press releases can even be sent to radio stations to be read as Public Service Announcements.

Press release distribution sites offer free, silver, gold or platinum pricing. Choose the free sites initially and get a sense of how their programs work before you spend money on a service like PR Web. Be sure to read the small print before committing. 

No one site better than another. There are no guarantees that if you post your press release to one of these sites that anyone will pick it up and run it. It’s up to you to write a press release people will want to read and share!

Write a Compelling, Attention-Grabbing Press Release

If you have a story to tell, tell it to the media with compelling, memorable, persuasive words. Everyone loves a story unless of course, it’s a boring story with no plot, no plan and no movement. So, jazz it up! Use your press release to talk about why your product or service is unique, one-of-a-kind, timeless or classic–whatever it is, tell it in a way that the person reading it will want to know more.

Begin with an attention-grabbing one-line heading. Follow it with a one or two-line sub-heading. Open your first sentence with a hook that will leave an editor hoping for more, more, more. Make them taste, feel, smell whatever you’re selling. Add several paragraphs of informational content, including one with a quote from an industry source or a very satisfied customer who worships the ground you walk on.

Always end with your About Us statement, also known as your ‘boilerplate’. It should be the same paragraph in every press release you write over the next few months and it should mirror your About Us content. Your boilerplate should be one paragraph with four to five sentences. Include complete contact information; be detailed. Don’t make your readers guess where you’re located or how to contact you.

The entire press release should fit on one page. If it doesn’t fit, edit it until it fits. Each press release should only highlight one “hook”. If it’s too long, that probably means you need to write two press releases with two different hooks.

Here are Links to Press Release Sites

Do a bit of research and decide which company might work best for you. These sites are popular and reliable. For ease of reading, I eliminated ‘www’ and domain names are not case-sensitive.

If you need help writing your press release, please contact me at or call me at 303-478-7863. I’d be glad to help.

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