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Publicity and Social Media Strategy Services

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I hold a B.S. degree in Business Marketing from the University of Colorado, a certificate in Entrepreneurship from the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship at CU and three Certificates in Social Media Management. Please click on any of the links to verify my certificates.

Colorado Free University Certificate of Completion

Boulder Digital Arts Certificate of Completion

CFU Social Media Manager Certificate

Colorado Free University Certificate of Completion


  • Publicity and Social Media Strategy

I offer two main types of services: Publicity and Social Media Strategy; some of my clients just want to land on the cover of a fantastic magazine while others need help with their Social Media Strategy.

Publicity and Social Media exposure are vital to the success of every business. Much of how we conduct business these days happens in cyberspace and even the heavenly newswires need to be fed a constant stream of information in order to keep their site fresh and their fans happy.

Publicity is vital to the success of every business. Much of how we conduct business these days happens in cyberspace and even the heavenly newswires need to be fed a constant stream of information in order to keep their site fresh and their fans happy.

The first and best way to get noticed by the media is to write a Press Release (PR). My client Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care has had three interviews this week as a result of a PR I wrote for her and sent via enewsletter to 100 media outlets: The Weld County Newspaper, Channel 2 and Natural Grocers–these interviews keep her fresh in the eyes of her fans while bringing her loads of new business.

To get started with a PR, you can either hire me to help you write a PR or write one of your own with a little help from  Google. Once it’s written, one of the quickest ways to try to get publicity is to send it to the media via an enewsletter. Take the time to write a compelling press release so that the media will want to tell your story.

A second way is to simply email your local media outlets (TV, newspaper, magazines) and write a simple pitch about your product or service.

A third way is to pick up the phone and call the publication you’d like to be featured in. You’ll rarely get a live person on the other end, but there’s nothing wrong with making a call to an editor if you’ve done your research and have your script down pat … and can follow it up with that awesome press release you wrote.

A fourth option is to file it on several of the online PR sites. Check out my Online Press Release Distribution Sites on how this works.

  • Social Media Strategy

It’s imperative that you have a social profile on key social media platforms, including Facebook, including FB Business Pages, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and probably even a YouTube or Vimeo channel. It’s also very important that you have a website if you are offering a product or a service. Everything you do in the social media world should direct fans back to your website which is the repository for all of your information.

How do I determine your social media strategy? First we talk. Actually, you talk and then I start asking a lot of questions to determine what the best social media strategy plan would be for you to reach, engage and inspire fans and future customers, based on your product or service, your demographic, your budget, etc. We refine the plan until it fits your parameters and then we launch.

Once you know the strategy, you’re free to either follow my plan on your own or work with me on Content Creation.

  • Content Creation

Content Creation is the ability to write SEO optimized posts and ‘feed’ the content into social media platforms in the form of posts, tweets, images, links, videos, etc. When I create content for you, I make sure that it’s tagged/linked/optimized and able to engage, inspire and increase your fan base. My goal with content creation is not necessarily to gain ‘likes’. My goal is to increase ‘Reach’ and social engagement through shares, comments and links. (Note: I often use Hootsuite which is a social media scheduling platform which allows the user to post to up to 20 sites simultaneously.)

Facebook’s algorithm is such that only about 10% of your fan base actually see your daily posts. The only way to allow all of your fans to see any given post is to either ‘Boost’ it or ‘Promote’ it on Facebook. In this way, more of your fans will see it and more of them will have an opportunity to ‘share’ it. When a post is shared to a fan’s network, your ‘Reach’ increases exponentially. So, even if you only have 250 fans, it’s possible for millions of users to see your post due to ‘Social Sharing’ and that’s known as a viral post.

  • WordPress

I have WordPress experience and know my way around the Dashboard and Back Office a bit and can give you tips on how to optimize your pages. I’ll refer you to a WordPress expert for the tough questions.

  • Blogs

We can talk about Blogs which are short, informative articles on a variety of topics that you include on your website. I can either write blogs for you or coach you on how to write a great blog and also to optimize it to get noticed by Google.

  • Newsletters

If you want to produce a newsletter, I can (sometimes) help you set one up from scratch or provide content for your already existing newsletter.

  • Analytics

I ask you to add me as an administrator to your Admin pages, including Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Newsletter, etc. I check analytics to determine what’s working and what’s not and how to improve.

  • LinkedIn and Google Plus

Most of my clients manage their LinkedIn and Google Plus profiles on their own and post to those platforms when the content is business in scope and newsworthy.

  • Images

I generally share client images via Dropbox or Box or Google Photos.

Let’s Get Started

If you’ve read this far, you’re interested in Publicity or Social Media Strategy, so just give me a call and enjoy a free 30-minute consultation with me. Rant, run and download your ideas by me and let’s see how I might help and how we feel about the possibility of working together.

I charge $xx per hour (ask!) and I invoice a $300 retainer, via PayPal, to get started. I can work an hour, two or 10 for you each week or you can just contact me if you need something quickly. I do offer discounts for referral business and also for non-profits. I also offer a retainer fee for those clients who just want to keep me on the payroll and run their edits, enwsletters, blogs, website updates, etc. by me, which by the way is a very excellent deal.

Still reading? Call me at 303-478-7863.

I’m an independent business owner in Louisville, CO and have excellent references and recommendations from current and past clients.

Cheers~~Jules Marie