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Publicity Strategy

Publicity strategy is vital to the success of every business. Much of how we conduct business these days happens in cyberspace and even the heavenly newswires need to be fed a constant stream of information in order to keep their site fresh and their fans happy.

The first and best way to get noticed by the media is to write a Press Release (PR). My client Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care has had three interviews as a result of a PR I wrote for her and sent via enewsletter: The Weld County Newspaper, Channel 2 and Natural Grocers–these interviews keep her fresh in the eyes of her fans while bringing her loads of new business.

To get started with a PR, you can either hire me to help you write a PR or write one of your own with a little help from  a pre-designed template. Once it’s written, one of the quickest ways to get your news out is to  send it to the media via an enewsletter. Take the time to write a compelling press release so that the media will want to tell your story.

A second way is to email your local media outlets (TV, newspaper, magazines) and write a simple pitch about your product or service.

A third way is to pick up the phone and call the publication you’d like to be featured in. You’ll rarely get a live person on the other end, but there’s nothing wrong with making a call to an editor if you’ve done your research and have your script down pat … and can follow it up with that awesome press release you wrote.

A fourth option for your publicity strategy is to file your PR on several online PR sites. Check out my blog on how this works.

So, Why Hire Me?

I have a B.S. degree in Business Marketing from the University of Colorado, a certificate in Entrepreneurship from the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship at CU and three Certificates in Social Media Management. Please click on any of the links to verify my certificates.

Colorado Free University Certificate of Completion

Boulder Digital Arts Certificate of Completion

CFU Social Media Manager Certificate

Colorado Free University Certificate of Completion

Let’s Get Started

If you’ve read this far, you’re interested in Publicity Strategy, so just give me a call and enjoy a free 20-minute consultation with me.

I charge $xx per hour (ask!) avia PayPal. I can work an hour, two or 10 for you or you can contact me if you need something. I do offer a reduced rate for non-profits. I offer a retainer fee for those clients who just want to keep me on the payroll and run their edits, enwsletters, blogs, website updates, etc. by me, which by the way is a very excellent deal.

Still reading? Call me at 303-478-7863. Let’s work together.

I’m an independent business owner in Louisville, CO and have excellent references and recommendations from current and past clients.

Cheers~~Jules Marie