Social Media Strategy

Social media strategy is important to the success of every business these days. It’s critical that your online content is fresh, relevant and compelling. Your brand, logo, mission and reasons for existing should also be easily discernible by your fans.

What is your social media strategy? How’s it working for you? Does it need tweaking?

Everything begins with a story. Are you telling your story too little, too much or not at all? Be sure to let your fans know why they should be, and remain, your fans. Tell them who you are but don’t oversell yourself. Instead, share other content. comment on your fans comments and add posts that will make them laugh. Everyone loves a laugh.

If you don’t have a strategy, we can work together to design a social media plan for you to reach, engage and inspire fans and future customers. No, you don’t have to spend 24 hours a day on social media: Once you have a strategy and a plan in place which you actually follow! … you’ll find that you spend less time online that you would have though.

Once the strategy is in place, you can either follow it on your own (here’s an example of a client who took my advice and ran with it on her own … Chef Maria) or we can continue working together to create your content, blogs, posts or newsletter as you feel needed.

  • Content Creation

Content Creation is the ability to ‘feed’ content into social media platforms in the form of posts, tweets, images, links, videos, etc. I use Hootsuite which is a social media scheduling platform which allows me to schedule one post to appear on several social media sites at one time.

  • WordPress

I built my website in WordPress and have maintained it on my own. I know my way around the WP dashboard and can give you tips on how to keyword- or SEO-optimize your pages, blogs or content.

  • Blogs

Blogs are short, informative articles on a variety of topics. I can either write blogs for you or coach you on how to write an informative and optimized blog for your own website.

  • Newsletters

I can help create the content for a newsletter or edit your existing newsletter.

  • LinkedIn and Google Plus

Most of my clients manage their LinkedIn and Google Plus profiles on their own and post to those platforms when content is business-like and newsworthy. I continually provide tips to clients when I feel these two platforms are relevant for posts. I also teach a class on optimizing your LinkedIn profile.

  • Jules Marie, Word Chef, Certified Social Media Manager 303-478-7863

I charge $xx per hour. I charge a $300 retainer, paid via PayPal, to begin your projects.

I have a B.S. degree in Marketing from the University of Colorado, a Certificate in Entrepreneurship from the Leeds School of Business and three Certificates in Social Media Management from Colorado Free University and Boulder Digital Arts. Please visit my LinkedIn Profile to view my recommendations.

I’m an independent business owner in Louisville, CO and I’d love to work with you.