Social Media Classes That Make Sense

Social Media Classes That Make Sense

I teach Social Media Classes that Make Sense! Social Media has become the go-to way for people to familiarize themselves with the myriad of social media platforms. It’s important to understand the difference between Instagram and Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter. Each has a unique function and purpose and social media classes can help you sort through all the noise to make sense of what works for you, your product, your service or even what’s best for your family to use. Social media classes also address the many challenges, obstacles and successes faced when using social media platforms.

Why Use Social Media?

I teach social media classes because I want to help people understand their options. Maybe you want to store all of your product designs on Pinterest, or create distinctive Instagram photos. Maybe you’re publishing a book and want to up your ‘cred pack’ — get your credentials in order. Social media provides endless opportunities for you to connect, engage and inspire with friends, family members, fans and clients. And, it’s just plain fun to work with!

Lifelong Learning at BVSD

If you’re looking for a class in social media, please consider joining me in one of my exciting, informative classes taught through Lifelong Learning in Boulder and through Colorado Free University in Denver. My complete schedule can be found here and you are welcome to sign up for one or all classes.

I hope to see you in a class this year and meanwhile, if you have any questions about any class, please email me at or call 303-478-7863.



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